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Viviana Ponce - Tel Aviv, Israel

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Sandra Ospina - Medellín, Colombia

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Azucena Estrada - AZ - EEUU

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Leticia Trujillo - Los Angeles, CA - EEUU

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María Fajardo - Caracas, Venezuela

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Angi Abello - Bogotá - Colombia

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Karelis Blanca - Quito, Ecuador

Johana Ruge - Miami FL, EUU

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Gabriel Toro - Caracas, Venezuela

Diana Norman - Long Beach, CA, EEUU

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Angi Abello - Bogotá - Colombia

Yeraldi Marcano - Tennessee,  EEUU

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"There are no words that I can thank for the dedication with which you gave us so much knowledge, thanks and honor to the wonderful Being of Light that you are, to your humility and dedication, thank you dear Lidia Nester and to each of the companions of this stage, the that we finished yesterday and those who accompanied us and could not be with us, each making a loving contribution of light to go together to raise the frequency, thank you. THANKS TO THE DIVINITY that allows us to recognize the light and follow it, Namaste everyone".

Romayra Arrieche - Lima, Peru.

"I had the great opportunity to attend the diploma course and my experience was unique. The learning that is obtained from our teacher Lidia is incomparable. Waiting for you to continue imparting that knowledge to continue learning; I'm staying"

Miguel Marcelo Ochoa - Caracas, Venezuela.

"You taught me that the duty of the teacher is to reflect the light of the disciple so that he can recognize it, see it and know what he is capable of. That's what you did with me and me. Thanks to that I was able to grow and accept myself as I am. That's how my life changed. I definitely think that I have two lives, one before I met you and another after".

Giorgio Di Stefano - Roma, Italia.

"I wish to express my great gratitude to you for such a wonderful Diploma of Integral Holistic Therapists that you dictated in the city of Caracas and of which you are a part. For me, it especially contributed to an awakening of consciousness to achieve the Ascención Process vital for humanity. I congratulate you immensely for teaching us in each class the importance of raising our vibrational level in order to understand that we are all One and that there should not be the duality that makes us subject to the EGO and that it is this, that dominates our existence not allowing us to BE Architects of our own lives".


Nefertitti Márquez - Caracas, Venezuela.


"Thanks to all your teaching in Reiki I, II and III, Light, Love and Healing started not only physically but also spiritually, you are a beautiful Being of Light that transmits a lot of knowledge and does not hesitate to help in the whole process for that their students achieve all the necessary travel to discover their I AM and thus connect with the ONE. Waiting to be able to perform the Mastery with you in order and perfect harmony with the Universe".

Patricia Paredes - Medellin, Colombia.




          Abraham Yashab Árias

·         Ángel Wateima

·         Carlo López

·         Carol Martínez

·         Claret Laya

·         Denis Hernández

·         Erika Monserrat

·         Fanny Acevedo

·         Gabriela Mejía

·         Génesis Lira Yánez

·         Gérmani Blanco

·         Haidee Moniz

·         Henry Antonio Vivas P.

·         Iván León

·         Jaidy Romero

·         Johana Gutiérrez

·         Johanna González

·         Kathiuska Jaspe

·         Kerlys López

·         Larry Lucena

·         Laura Mosquera

·         María Colmenares

·         Maribel Manríquez

·         Marinilda Calderón

·         Martha Luz Torres P.

·         Mildred Carrasquero

·         Miriam Romero

·         Oriana Selene Campos

·         Rubén Martins

·         Trisenia García

·         Yeithsira Morfe

·         Yin Ling Carrera Fung

·         Yubirí Chávez

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